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Ballroom Glitz

Among those getting the "Glitz" treatment are; The Osmonds, Cockney Rebel, Status Quo, Sensational Alex Harvey Band together with glam icons, Slade, Sweet, Mud, T-Rex, Suzi Quattro. Disco Boogies from Boney M, Bee Gees to the Grease Medley and not forgetting 70's superbands Queen and Abba.

Watch out for a few more usual elements in the show such as Sparks
Kate Bush and Hawkwind!

An incredibly high standard of musicianship, superb harmonies and fast moving choreography contributes to a Ballroom Glitz show being deservedly called "Stunning Entertainment by the Stage Newspaper and led to Central TV producing a mini documentary on the success of the band.

Ballroom Glitz

Whether you want to dance, singalong or simply enjoy the entertaining stage show. Ballroom Glitz have got it all! With music to delight the ear and costumes to dazzle the eye, Ballroom Glitz guarantee a stupendous seventies show that takes the audience on a glamtastic magical history tour of the decade that taste forgot!

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