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Birmingham Blues Brothers

The Band.
The Birmingham Blues Brothers are a fully professional full time Authentic Blues Brothers Tribute, who’ve been working for all of the Major Agents and clients in the UK and overseas for the past 12 years.

Police Car Hire.
If you require The Blues Brothers Car we’ve got it, yes the fabulous 1974 Dodge Monaco black and white police car as used in the original Blues Brothers movie, is now available for hire for all occasions please contact us for further details and travel in the car which is now a legend...

Disco Hire.
If you need a Disco look no further we can supply our full disco with our Blues Brothers show if required, with 25,000 tracks at a click of a button we will have your song playing.

We have performed a wide variety of shows for major hotel chains to outside arenas overseas in, Bahrain, Sardinia, Spain, Italy, Corfu and Norway, and all across the UK.

We can adapt the show too meet our prospective client’s requests and having built an excellent reputation for polished presentation and reliability over the last 12 years at the highest level we are now available 24/ 7 if needed and travel is not a problem.



Birmingham Blues Brothers Birmingham Blues Brothers
Birmingham Blues Brothers Birmingham Blues Brothers

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