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Brian T. Williams

Brian T. Williams is an entertainer with a difference – one who combines successfully the visual attraction of a one-man-band together with infectious music, zany comedy and audience participation which make up to one hell of a good night’s entertainment.

Brian T. Williams

Brian began in the sixties and like so many others was influenced by the Beatles and the Stones, but went on to the folk circuit in the mid seventies. He developed his current act “as a result of being bored to death with ‘finger in the ear’ stuffy clubs which I decided need livening up!”

Since then Brian has progressed dramatically, working at home and abroad, TV appearances, radio shows etc.

Brian is the ideal family entertainer, and is in much demand on the holiday camp circuit by Butlins/Haven/Pontins/West Star etc.

Share a night with Brian T. Williams – you won't regret it.




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