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Paul Levent

Paul Levent is slick, well presented and served with a generous helping of laughter. Mention the word “ventriloquist” and it brings to mind a handful of names. Amongst the even smaller number of great ventriloquists you will find the name PAUL LEVENT, known throughout the world of entertainment, not only as a technically superb ventriloquist, but also a hilarious stand-up comedian. However, it is with his larger than life characters. Syd & Gladys Winkle, that we usually associate Paul.

Internationally acclaimed in cabaret, TV and theatre, receiving many coveted awards and has been applauded by his peers throughout his career. Reviews of his act regularly include comments like ‘brilliant’, ‘Outstanding’, and ‘The Master’. Indeed Paul is a Master of his art. His comedy timing, material and skill, not only as a ventriloquist, but also as a quick-fire stand-up comedian all combine together with a special tailoring for After Dinner Entertainment to make Paul a truly great entertainer.



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