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Sean Percival

Sean Percival is a standup comedian from Dudley of which he says “It’s a lovely place to come from but bloody horrible to go back to”. Dudley is, of course, also the home town of Lenny Henry and while Sean admits to being jealous of Lenny’s INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL TV career, he’s glad he never had to sleep with Dawn French.

Sean has never been a REGULAR PANELIST on HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU neither has he appeared on MOCK THE WEEK, but he did recently spend two years writing and performing on Capital FMs drive time radio show in Birmingham. Although the show was never NOMINATED FOR A SONY AWARD it did receive a RECORD AMOUNT of complaints.

Sean enjoys moaning and feeling sorry for himself and dislikes reading misleading biogs with made up quotes in them.

If you want to find out how FUNNY Sean is go and see him live. He performs regularly at all major UK comedy venues.

“He’s not wacky, he’s not surreal, he’s just bloody funny”
“..destined for superstardom”


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